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The Argentina Valley holds the primacy of the maximum height difference and the highest altitude above sea level. In fact, it goes from the zero altitude of the valley terminal at Arma di Taggia to the 2200 meters of Monte Saccarello, the highest elevation of Liguria, which stands just on the Italian-French border.

This peculiarity causes a great variety of environments to develop over a length of the valley, less than 30 kilometers, from the maritime one to the purely alpine one.
The towns that meet going up the Argentina Valley are in succession Taggia, Badalucco, Montalto, Andagna, Molini di Triora, Corte, Triora, Creppo, Realdo and Verdeggia, the last village at an altitude of 1092.

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Properties Apricale One of the major medieval village in Italy. Located in the outback of Bordighera, Apricale is fulfilled of culture and historical mist; has many cultural events such as photographic exhibitions, sculptural exhibitions and pictorial exhibitions Inside the Lucertola Castle. Every summer from 1990 the city organize theaters events and Tango. Well known for fine restaurants and religious architecture.

Properties Rocchetta Nervina Medieval village of Rocchetta Nervina is situated on Terca mountain in the famous location of Val Nervia. It’s just 13 km from the city of Ventimiglia and offers a very immersive experience in the nature. Many tourists came here every here for tasting good food, hiking in the beautiful nature and admire the architectural environment of this beautiful village. Properties in Rocchetta Nervina are cosy and not much expensive, so many people.

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