Properties Apricale

Apricale is a very old village, also called "artists' village", in fact many tourists from all over the world, attracted by its uniqueness and its wonderful views, have decided to buy their apartment in Apricale and have opened shops where they offer their works inspired by this incredible place. The houses for sale in the historic center are the typical stone houses that start from the ground and develop in height, hence the name terracielo

Properties Dolceacqua

Properties Rocchetta Nervina Medieval village of Rocchetta Nervina is situated on Terca mountain in the famous location of Val Nervia. It’s just 13 km from the city of Ventimiglia and offers a very immersive experience in the nature. Many tourists came here every here for tasting good food, hiking in the beautiful nature and admire the architectural environment of this beautiful village. Properties in Rocchetta Nervina are cosy and not much expensive, so many people 

Properties Bajardo Bajardo is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of unspoiled nature and rediscover the small pleasures of country life. Especially in summer, Bajardo is the preferred half of both residents of the Ligurian coast and foreign tourists, who wish to buy their independent house in the countryside, in a cool area away from the chaos of the city.

Properties Argentina Valley  There are a many of things to do in Valle Argentina and the surroundings to make your trip in Italy impressive! The sea and the mountains are so close that the area hosts four mountain communities. The stretch of coast belonging to Imperia Province is also call as the Riviera dei Fiori or  Flower Riviera. Buying real estate in Argentina valley  has always been in demand among Italians and foreigners who have fallen in love with this part of Italy! These benefits are good for the real estate market , that slowly gaining its fame, in this lovely corner of Liguria!