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Sanremo, known as "The City of Flowers" for an important tradition in growing plants and flowers exported all over the world, has about 60,000 inhabitants, twice during the summer. With nice climate and location, Sanremo is located a few km from  Monaco-Montecarlo and France and offers tourist services: establishments with sandy beaches, rocks and stone or restaurants, hotels and accommodation of various kinds, from the most accessible to the luxury one. The climate of the city remains mild in winter and cool in summer, with low humidity: in fact, to the delight of tourists, usually in one year there are 300 sunny days. For this mild climate Sanremo has tourists who come from countries as Russia, England, France, Germany, Japan, USA and others.
The city is formed by a medieval old town, known as slang "Pigna", and the zone that extends towards the sea, from the 70s onwards, there has been a building boom that developed mainly in the lateral areas of the city, but still convenient to downtown or the beaches.
Events leading to the city are the Italian Song Festival, the MOAC, the classic Milan-Sanremo cycling race and the World Rally Championship, in addition to these important events fixed, the city offers a wide range of cultural activities or recreations for youth and adults.
"I grew up in a town that was quite different from the rest of Italy, in the days when I was a kid in San Remo, at that time still inhabited by old English, Russian grand dukes, an eccentric and cosmopolitan. And my family was very unusual for San Remo for the Italy of the time: scientists, worshipers of nature, free thinkers, "Italo Calvino 1925

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Apartments Ventimiglia Ventimiglia located between Genoa and France, aside of parks and beaches and seaside promenade, have a very big local  food and flea market,   Hanbury Gardens and Balzi Rossi Prehistoric Caves, the medieval hill town - Ventimiglia Alta.  Buy Apartments in ventimiglia, as in strategic position, is very convenient both as a permanent residence and as Ligurian holidays apartment.

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