Sanremo Properties For Sale

Sanremo - Italian Riviera - Sanremo is located a short distance over the border from Menton, France. It is approximately 55 kilometres from Nice Airport. Located on the Ligurian sea coast. On the Italian side it is conveniently located for the airport at Genoa - Genova.

Since the 1800s the mild climate has been enjoyed by European visitors from the colder north when aristocracy and royalty started to visit the area. It has not changed greatly over the years, with splendid buildings and harbour.

Sanremo is world famous for the annual Music Festival held in February, however there are concerts throughout the year and many outdoor ones in the summer including a jazz festival in August. The famous casino has musical events on the roof during the summer. It opened in 1905 and is illuminated at night. In addition just walk around the town and stop at a bar. Every summer bars and restaurants organise their own musical evenings.

The real heart of Sanremo is the medieval area known as La Pigna. It dates back to 1038. It is named after a pine cone as it supposed to resemble the old town with golden yellow, pink and stone walls. It is very much un spoilt by tourism and is slowly being modernised. Visitors go to Sanremo to shop. Most shops do not open on a Monday morning, so time your visit to arrive in the afternoon. There is nearly as much French spoken as Italian, especially as there are numerous visitors from France as the prices are often somewhat lower. There are boutiques in the pedestrianised Via Palazzo and the Corso Garibaldi. On a Tuesday and Saturday there is a large market in Piazza Eroi Sanremesi. This is located a a short distance from the San Síro Cathedral around the watch tower - Torre della Ciapèla - all that is left of the old town's defensive walls after the town planning of the 1930,s. In the market you can buy leather goods - handbags, belts, shoes and gloves as well as jumpers, ornaments and much much more. The adjoining friut, vegetable and fish market is also well worth a visit. Stroll down to the seafront to the old harbour - Porto Vecchio and you will find a selection of restaurants and cafés with plenty of seafood and other Italian fare. There are more on the pedestrianised street that takes you from the harbour to the town centre. At night the Piazza Bresca comes alive, although slightly more expensive to eat in.

Apartments Sanremo  The city of the sun and the beaches, Sanremo offers to the tourists many solutions from the point of view of the apartments or villas for sale/rent. In Sanremo you can apreciate some apartments waterfront, penthouse seaview, large apartments in the downtown or villas with swimming pool.                         

Villa Sanremo  In the area of Sanremo, 2-3km from the city centre and the beaches, you can easily find very beautiful villas for sale with large garden, gazebo, swimming pool, terraces, barbecue place and a wonderful seaview.

Liguria Properties The property which offers Liguria, both for sale and for rent annual or seasonal, are different, ranging from studios for holiday use, great sea view villa, through apartments, houses or large apartments. The solutions are different and for all budgets, prices, in fact, are affordable in many areas of the city (convenient to the beach and center) and rise in proportion to the needs of the most demanding tourists.

Properties Ospedaletti One of the most popular Ligurian cities for real estate sales and for summer rentals; the reasons are different, above all an exceptional micro climate never cold in winter and never too hot in summer, the sea promenade and the longest cycle path in Europe that runs through the city. Ospedaletti is a cozy city that offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday.